What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a PHP framework and it has gained popularity among web developers because of its features. With Laravel, you can create expressive, elegant and modern applications. If you are a developer looking to use an efficient framework and want to work with the latest tech trends, Laravel is a good option for you.

And Why Should You Use Laravel Framework?

Laravel provides several advantages for developers. It simplifies the backend programming process with its expressive syntax and alleviates common programming mistakes that are common in inexperienced programmers. It also has an integrated package manager which helps in faster development cycles by providing various components at the ready that can be easily combined or used separately for better results.

Laravel also reduces development time because it provides a wide range of testing tools that help in monitoring application performance, identifying bugs and adding tests to live applications so the application can’t introduce any regressions to the production codebase. This way they can easily identify bugs before they snowball into bigger problems which eventually leads to lost revenue opportunities due.

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