What is HTML?

HTML is a kind of script language. Whose full name is Hyper Text Mark Language? It is not a programming language. It is called the Markup language. HTML publishes website information (World Wide Web: www). The first step in becoming a web developer or designer is understanding this language thoroughly. In a word, HTML is the chalk in the hands of creating a website. Anyone with a thorough knowledge of HTML can build a good quality website. But to make that website more lively, you need to know some more languages: E.g., CSS, javascript.


What is HTML5?

HTML is an advanced version of SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language). The first discovery of HTML was made by Tim Barnes Lee in 1190 while working at Geneva Cern. HTML was first published in 1998 in HTML 3.0. Currently, the latest version of HTML is HTML 5.


What does it take to learn HTML?

First, you need a browser. If any browser. However, Mozila Firefox / Google Chrome will be better if these two browsers. Then all you need is language writing software. In that case, there are different types of software. For example, Notepad, Sublime Text Editor, Netbeans, Dreamweaver, Coffeecup HTML Editor, Notepad ++. But I think notepad ++ tie is suitable for newcomers. However, if you have experience or desire to work in any other software, you can.

The next step is to know the language codes well.


How do I get started?

First, we will open a folder on the desktop. Now open the folder and open a text document.txt file. If .txt does not appear in the file name, it must be hidden. So now we have to fix it. All we have to do is set it

Go to Start and go to Control panel. If you have checked the folder file explorer view hide extension for the known file, you must remove it and press ok.

Then .txt will appear in the text document file. Then we will write .html in place of .txt and save. Then the file will look like a browser file.